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Beach Streets in Long Beach

Mar 21st 2016

So, we had a very eventful weekend! Hence why we are posting on Monday instead of Sunday. Had some catch up to play yesterday, WHOOPS!We had an absolute ball at Beach Streets in Long Beach on Saturd … read more

What Means The Most To Us

Mar 13th 2016

Well, well, well… SUNDAY we meet again! We hope everyone has had a lovely week/weekend and has taken the time to take care of themselves and their Mother Earth because let’s be real… It’s the only … read more

A Few Things About Our Wall Decals!

Mar 6th 2016

Our printed wall decals are so much fun and definitely our most popular. They are easy to use, easy to remove and reapply AND fun! We have had a lot of customers asking about them lately so we tho … read more

How-To Install an Awesome Wall Quote Decal

Feb 29th 2016

Happy Sunday Y’all!For some reason… We really like to blog on Sundays. Its like the day that you get to reflect on the week and kind of go over everything you accomplished (and definitely di … read more

Throwback to Our RedBook Feature!

Feb 25th 2016

We love looking back on the time we were featured in Redbook magazine! In honor of “Throwback Thursday” we thought we would share with you what they featured. Redbook magazine did an article about … read more

Kids + Color

Feb 18th 2016

Happy Sunday Funday friends!Today were thinking about how lucky we are to have the ability to do W H A T E V E R we please with the decor in our home. After all, don’t we all deserve to have a hom … read more

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