So the time has come, you received your new custom charcuterie board in the mail! We hope you are over the moon pleased with your new custom engraved charcuterie board. The engraving was designed by our in-house artists and Each board has been chosen to suit your particular design. Please keep in mind that Each piece of wood is unique, the grain and color will vary, making this cheese board truly one of a kind. Before We packaged this beauty, We cleaned and seasoned the wood with cutting board oil. This process conditions the wood. In order to keep it as beautiful as the day you received it Please follow these care recommendations.


First and foremost All wood products should be hand washed. DO NOT put it in the dishwasher. The Heat and strong detergents in the dishwasher can degrade the wood and cause swelling and cracking, ruining the custom design and the board itself. Simply rinse with mild soap and hot water to clean the board after each use. Make sure NOT to immerse the cutting board in water. Clean and rinse the edges and underside of the custom charcuterie board as well.  Wood is a pourous material, and reacts to water. When a piece of wood is exposed to moisture, the wood will swell just a bit. if only the top is washed, the top will swell while the bottom or the edges will not, and this will make your custom charcuterie board warp. Once the board is washed, Dry it completely by wiping off all the excess water with a dry cloth. We recommend letting it dry on its side so both sides are exposed to air and this way also frees up some counter space.


If the board is looking a little drab, you can season the board with food grade mineral oil. Even if the board hasn’t been used, We like to do this every month or so. If you are using your charcuterie board and washing it alot, it should be seasoned more often. Just like Our hair and skin, keeping Our Custom Charcuterie boards conditioned is key to keeping it beautiful for years to come.  Food grade mineral oil is colorless, odorless and pretty lightweight, so its a perfect choice when conditioning your custom charcuterie board. Avoid using any other oil you have on hand such as avocado oil or olive oil. These oils can become rancid over time. Wipe along the grain or in circles with a mineral oil soaked cloth (we love swedish dish clothes, but any clean lint free cloth will work), wait a few minutes, hours or even overnight, this gives the custom charcuterie board plenty of time to absorb the oil and be fully conditioned. Once the Board looks fully seasoned wipe off any excess oil that was not absorbed.


Other Tips and Tricks:


You can sanitize your custom charcuterie board with diluted white vinegar or a combination of bleach and water. Look online to find the dilution recipe.


If your board is a bit smelly rub a halved lemon all over the surface of the board.


You can also season your wooden spoons and utensils.


Use a seperate cutting board for cutting raw meat. Your custom charcuterie board is engraved, meaning they are full of little grooves that will collect bacteria.


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