What is more perfect than a well-manicured charcuterie board, complete with cheeses from around the world, the best cured meats and a ton of colorful fruits and vegetables? Preparing Charcuterie is truly an art form that heightens any gathering, and to make such a beautiful display unique, we recommend incorporating a personalized charcuterie board that screams “yeah, I did this, I know my cheese”.

Not only are personalized Charcuterie boards a trendy way to serve snacks to friends and loved ones but they make your display of aged gouda, prosciutto and olives  all that more tempting. Personalized Charcuterie boards are also excellent gifts as they are not only useful, but with the ability to choose between a variety of designs, you can make any board a perfect fit for that special person. Is your best friend moving out of town? Our US City Map Charcuterie boards make a wonderful housewarming gift, a reminder of where home is, or used to be. Attending a wedding in the spring? We have many Monogrammed designs that make great gifts for celebrating the new couple. Find our monogrammed Charcuterie boards here.
  The best thing about personalized Charcuterie Boards?  How each board is different! Like fingerprints, each piece of wood is unique, so every personalized charcuterie board is truly one of a kind. Choosing the specific wood and shape for your Personalized Charcuterie board can be a bit challenging. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so you are sure to find the perfect piece.

On a budget? We recommend checking out Our Bamboo boards.  Did you know bamboo is technically a grass? Nonetheless it’s still super sturdy and makes excellent cheese boards. They come in small 5 x 8 inches (which is perfect for individual servings of cheese and crackers) and a larger 9.5 x 15 inches that will easily serve the whole family.

Our beechwood personalized charcuterie boards are shaped with the traditional handle and suitable for almost anyone. They fit nicely in a traditionally decorated Kitchen or apartment. The handle makes them easy to carry and allows it to work superbly well as a display as you can hang them on the wall as a form of wall decoration. Beechwood is a hard wood and wears well, so if taken care of, your personalized charcuterie board will last for years to come. Our beechwood personalized charcuterie boards come in two different sizes 6 x 14 inches which is perfect for a grazing session for two people and 8 in x 18 in, this one is our largest board. We often use it for our pre-thanksgiving charcuterie because it can easily work for parties of 10 or more.

Our Walnut Geometric boards fit well in a modern or contemporary kitchen! They are available in a 9 x10 inch hexagon shape and a geometric shape of our design that is 7 in x 15.7 in. Walnut wood is dark, hard and dense. It looks beautiful and is a marvelous form of decor, it’s also very functional. The coloring of Walnut wood varies greatly, if purchasing our Walnut personalized charcuterie boards, you may see some red streaks or purple hues along with the rich brown that walnut wood is known for. Walnut wood also lightens as it ages so your personalized charcuterie board will change and evolve with you as time goes on.

   And finally our Olive wood personalized charcuterie boards, we offer five different shapes and sizes of Personalized Charcuterie Boards in Olive wood. Why is this? Because it’s beautiful! There’s nothing quite like a piece of olive wood and on its own, it's a work of art made by nature. Its grain striations are similar to those of marble but with a nutty rich hue that is unmistakable. The grain streaks across the boards like an ocean current. It is a dense, hard, and heavy wood. Our olive wood personalized charcuterie boards are made from a single piece of olive wood, so they may have a minuscule crack here and there, or slight warping but with olive wood being so dense, it will not compromise the stability of the board. These are boards that will last for generations.

   We also offer customizations free of charge. If you request personalization we will send you a proof for your approval, so keep an eye on that inbox! We want every customer to feel special, like they are receiving something made just for them, and we can achieve that with communication. Each board is designed by our in-house designer, so you know that the engraving is not only different from any other board out there, but your design is matched with a particular piece of wood, creating a piece specifically for you. No matter the board you choose we take extra care to engrave Your Personalized charcuterie board with love and artistry.  We believe that each board is a piece to be displayed, used and passed down (or kept Just for yourself).

   After the Personalized Charcuterie Board is engraved, we take the time to clean and season it before shipping it to you. We coat each board in food safe mineral oil so the board is nice and conditioned. After we season the board we wrap it in brown craft paper (this helps absorb the excess oil, so it’s ready for use when it arrives on your doorstep). We then package it in a padded envelope and ship it our to you! We ship all our Personalized Charcuterie Boards using UPS or USPS so if you are located in the United States it should take about a week to travel from Chromantics in California to your doorstep. If you are located outside the United States shipping times vary based on location. If you have any more questions or want something entirely custom Please feel free to email Us at

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