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Pretty Painted Pumpkins with Decals!

Pretty Painted Pumpkins with Decals!

Jul 26th 2018

A Simply and Easy Way to Decorate!This year we wanted to add a little more color to Our Halloween Decoration, so We skipped the traditional Jack-o-lanterns and decided to paint Our pumpkins and de … read more

Happy Earth Day!

Apr 20th 2018

Today is Earth Day! We especially love that this Day falls in the spring. Spring is when We are all reflecting, spring cleaning and updating Our decor (our favorite time of year.)One of Our favor … read more

How To Align Custom Wall Decal Quotes

Sep 27th 2017

Hello Everyone! its been a little while since we have posted any new information. We wanted to share with all of our customers how to align our custom quotes. We use 1 inch alignment markers on ea … read more

Create A Statement Wall With Decals!

May 19th 2016

Hello Lovelies!It has been quite awhile since We’ve posted to the blog. We’ve been busy little bees. . . but that means We will have a TON of new stuff coming to Our site very soon! In the meantim … read more

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