Happy Earth Day!

Apr 20th 2018

Today is Earth Day! We especially love that this Day falls in the spring. Spring is when We are all reflecting, spring cleaning and updating Our decor (our favorite time of year.)

One of Our favorite things about Earth day is that it is a reminder of Our Beautiful World, and the care We take to make sure it lasts. If you follow Our blog You know that We are a pretty clean Company. We always try to take a look at how we do things on Earth day and see if We can do better. This Year We are pretty proud of what We’ve done to help decrease Our footprint.

We make sure to recycle all our waste that is created when making the decals. If there are miss prints or the decals are slightly imperfect We donate those. So the majority of our waste never ends up in the trash, which we think is pretty cool. Especially when we think of all those landfills floating around in the ocean, yuck! We also Use Our shipment boxes as our trash cans, so when they’re looking a little rough they go in the recycle bin too. We’ve reduced Our Packaging sizes. We also recycle Our used ink cartridges which is something We can all do at home as well.

Taking Care of Our environment is very important to Us and It actually helps Us save some money. Yes, you can be Green without breaking the bank these days.

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