Catalina Topographic Layered Wooden Map

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Catalina Island Topographic Layered Wooden Map

This wooden Bathymetric Map is intricately laser cut from Baltic birch plywood and then arranged and assembled to depict Santa Catalina Island and the depths of the Pacific Ocean. We design these to be reminiscent of vintage tourist maps, creating a pictorial illustration of favorite places, roads and iconic landmarks. This layered wooden map features landmarks such as Avalon, and Two harbors

How These Layered Wooden Maps Are Made:

Since Our Products are made to order, customization is not only welcome, but encouraged. The maps are hand stained with a special powder pigment, the wood is then sealed and framed into a Shadow Box that is 2 inches thick with an acrylic overlay. The map Is 10.5 in x 16.5 in., including the frame. Each piece of wood is unique so colors (including the blue pigment), grain and texture will vary from sheet to sheet.

If you would like to add a heart to represent your hometown or other special place, simply add it in the comment section or email us at

Please be sure to include your order number in the email so that we can make the correct adjustment(s).

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Catalina Topographic Layered Wooden Map
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