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Mermaid & Dolphin Sealife Wall Decal Bundle Sticker

Was: $72.99
Now: $67.99
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Bring Home the spirit of the ocean with Our Mermaid & Dolphin Wall Decal Bundle! It is sure to transform any little girls room to an Under the sea adventure! This kit comes with 3 Assorted Large Mermaids, 17 Clown fish and 10 Dolphins that are 2 different colors

Our Mermaid & Dolphin Wall Decal Bundle contains 30 pieces:

  • Mermaid 1(red hair): 20.5 in x 17 in
  • Mermaid 2 (purple hair): 18 in x 21 in
  • Mermaid 3 (pink hair): 22.5 in x 19 in
  • Blue Dolphins range from 17.5 in x 10.5 in to 6 in x 12 in
  • Clown Fish range from 2.5 in x 13 in to 3 in x 4 in
  • Grey Dolphins range from 13in x 17.5 in to 10 in x 23 in