Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get the decal mirrored or flipped?

Yes! We can easily mirror or flip the image. Simply place your order as you normally would and just send us an email with your order number and request a flip.

I love a specific decal but I was wondering if I could get the colors changed.

We would be happy to change the colors of any of our standard wall decals. Just write us an email when you place the order and we will be happy to make most changes. Our watercolor wall decals are a little more challenging when it comes to changing the color scheme. Since they are from actual watercolor illustrations we can only adjust the hue, saturation, etc.

Can I get a decal resized?

We can resize almost any decal, but this will affect t the price. Please send us an email with the desired size as well as the item you are interested in and we will be happy to send you an estimate.

Will I need a friend to help me apply the die cut decals? Most of our decals are very easy to apply. If you've ordered a very large wall mural or large wall quote, an extra hand my be appreciated.

Can I reuse the holiday wall decals year after year?

Yes you can! Make sure the surface area is clean and to save the backing. When that specific holiday is over reapply the decals to the backing and roll up the sheet with the decals facing out. Next year they will be good to go!

How easy is it to apply the wall decals?

All of our printed decals are simply peel and stick. No tools needed. Our die cut decals such as wall quotes come with transfer paper, and require a few more steps for application. Specific installation instructions come with each package.

What is the difference between the die cut wall decals and the regular wall decals.

Our regular wall decal (aka printed decals) are made with adhesive vinyl fabric. This material is pretty magical! It can be reused and reposition many times. It's also super durable. We have actually taken a printed decal off the wall, wrinkled it up into a ball and then unwrinkled it and reapplied it without visible creases or damage. Our die cut material is a little more fragile. This material is meant to look like the decal is actually painted on the wall, so this material is pretty thin and cannot be reapplied or re-positioned.

Will this decal stick to a window, can I put them up outside?

Yes and yes! Both types of decals stick great to glass and will stay on exterior windows for months.

I received my decals and they look like they got crunched, what do I do?

Occasionally, Our packages may be damaged during shipping. This is rare, but it does happen from time to time. If you have purchased Our printed wall decals, they are probably fine. We choose our material because it's pretty amazing in the way it works. Even with creases and folds it should adhere to the wall without any evidence that there was ever an issue. We've actually demonstrated this on our social media where we have wrinkled up a decal into a ball, then unwrapped the crushed decal and applied it to the wall with all the wrinkles gone. If you are still worried, simply contact Us with a picture of the damage and We would be happy to help you out.

How well do the decals hold up in a bathroom?

They hold up great! We've tested all our decals In different areas of the house and as long as they are applied correctly, they will work great in bathrooms and kitchens. Just keep them away from any heat sources.

Can you create a custom decal for me?

We love to create custom orders! Email us at and we will tell you what we need to get the ball rolling.